“It is our belief that the life and health of our soil is intimately connected to our own.”

SEPIXA-LEAFSEPIXA is the distribution arm for a collective of world class soil microbiologists from various regions of the world who have all come together to develop Soil Balance. Just as our collection of microbes give to their environment and host plant, so too did the scientists that created Soil Balance. For over 20 years, the disciplines of Sustainable Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture have lived at the forefront of our work and core beliefs. Our group’s passion during that time has been the development and refinement of proven technologies with industry “staying power” and consistency. This philosophy is rooted in promoting biological farming techniques, otherwise known as, “microbe farming”. All plants originally co evolved with particular and specific strains of microorganisms. We believe plants must be given their familiar microbe partners in a non native soil to achieve their full genetic growth and production potential.

SEPIXA is not only comprised of microbiologists but accredited plant pathologists, agronomic consultants, marketing professionals and multinational distribution networks. All of who create, represent and distribute Soil Balance and various natural agricultural products. SEPIXA and its affiliates take great pride in representing only products which possess unequivocal and proven efficacy in the improvement of soil health and plant vigor as verified by extensive university, private laboratory, and 3rd party user accreditation.

With just under 1,500 unique and proprietary microbe strains in our culture laboratory, our group has taken the trial and error or “guess work” out of microbial soil inoculation.

All of us at SEPIXA are honored to be a part of the sustainability movements and will continue to be humbled by what we continually learn from nature and the partners we work with.